WebRTC Plugin-free Screen Sharing

Copyright © 2013 Muaz Khan<@muazkh>.

Private sharing ?? Pluginfree-Screen-Sharing.html#123456789

Nowadays failures!

This experiment seems delaying in latest canary. Please be patient. It will capture shared screen 2 or 3 minutes later!

You must make sure that:

  1. You're using chrome canary (If you want to share your own screen).
  2. You enabled flag "Enable screen capture support in getUserMedia()" – via – "chrome://flags"

To use code in your own site, you must understand following limitations:

Chrome Canary denies "screen capturing" request automatically if:
  1. You've not used 'chromeMediaSource' constraint:
    mandatory: {chromeMediaSource: 'screen'}
  2. You requested audio-stream alongwith 'chromeMediaSource' – it is not permitted.
  3. You're not testing it on SSL origin (HTTPS domain).

Remember, recursive cascade images or blurred screen is chrome's implementation issues. It will be solved soon.

mandatory: {chromeMediaSource: 'tab'} can only be useful in chrome extensions. See Tab sharing using tabCapture APIs.

It is preferred to use RTCMultiConnection.js for audio/video/screen conferencing/broadcasting.

Source Code on Github